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" I want To Develop A Web Portal "

Web Portals - Critical Issues To Consider - 2

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Web Consulting Perspective

Gray Arrow 1.0 - Objective : This brief overview document has been prepared by Kaytek to help our customers consider all critical issues for Web Portals Development.

Gray Arrow Previous - Part - 1

Down Arrow 4.0 - Site Design :

Down Arrow 4.1 - Site Content :

Gray Arrow 4.1.1 - Site Architectural Plan : Has a detailed Site Architectural Plan been created outlining the different site sections, URL's, features and links ?

Gray Arrow 4.1.2 - Content Strategy : Has a detailed Content Strategy Plan been created considering Audience and User profile in terms of demographics, level of expertise, information / language preferences, usage scenarios, limitations, web site visual layout, elements, colours, web specific features ?

Gray Arrow 4.2 - Site Evaluation : Have the internal / external groups been identified who would periodically evaluate the site and provide timely feedback as regards it's features and usability aspects both during development and after it has been hosted ?

Down Arrow 5.0 - Site Hosting :

Gray Arrow 5.1 - ISP Facilities : What sort of physical infrastructure and Information Technology (Hardware, Software, Tele-Communication ) Platforms are available and supported at the ISP where the site will be hosted ? Are these reliable ?

Gray Arrow 5.2 Security Aspects : Have all security aspects - physical and informational been considered - Policies, Enforcement, Usage, etc across different locations, and machines both within the organisation,ISP facilities and service providers ?

Down Arrow 6.0 - Development :

Gray Arrow 6.1 - Approach : What strategies and methodologies would need to be used for all portal development activities - Project Management, Analysis, Prototypes, Templates, Content Creation, Publishing, Design, Testing, Implementation and Resource Documentation ?

In all the above areas, Kaytek has additional generic templates, models and strategies to assist our customers. Kindly contact us for more details.

Gray Arrow 6.2 - Technologies : What types of toolsets, technologies (web administration, search engines, authoring tools, visual design tools, database, application server, web server software, etc) would need to be used based on the 3 critical web portal aspects of Scalability, Reliability and Availability ?

Gray Arrow 6.3 - Integration : What application and data integration levels have been planned between the portal and Existing Information Systems (both internally and external service providers ) to provide timely, relevant and accurate content ?

Down Arrow 7.0 - Marketing :

Gray Arrow 7.1 - Branding Aspects : Does the web portal concept, execution and marketing synchronise with the overall organisational marketing and branding efforts ?

Gray Arrow 7.2 - Marketing Communications : How would the web portal's content and services be integrated with the organisation's overall marketing communication activities like advertisements, communications, promotions, mailers, etc?

Feedback at Email : Mahesh Khatri's Email address - kaytek (at) vsnl (dot) com


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