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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Can Business Entrepreneurs learn SAP easily ?

Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow Question-1 - Can Business Entrepreneurs learn SAP easily ?

Perhaps. With the right Experience and Qualifications.

SAP is used for Managing An Organization's M-Assets. The Men (& Women) Square Separator Methods Square Separator Money Square Separator Markets Square Separator Materials Square Separator Mortar-Brick Square Separator Machines Square Separator Messages... Square Separator Miscellaneous (Assets & Actions) Square Separator in an Enterprise.

Gray Arrow The different SAP R/3 Modules if implemented properly help in complete control of the functionality of a business.

By nature of their business management experience, entrepreneurs have an insight into the overall controlling factors of an organization's operations.

SAP like any other ERP software is a natural enabler for the same.

It provides a high level (as well as detailed deep dive ) perspective of all aspects of an organization's workings.

Entrepreneurs who love control find SAP a good fit with their mental models.

We knew of someone with an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Background in a similar situation who closed his manufacturing business in Mumbai and moved to the US after doing a SAP course in Mumbai.

This was during the Y2K (Year 2000) Boom a few years ago.

For a couple of years, he did well. Then, once the market dried up due the Technology Crash, he was in trouble since he did not have sufficient depth and breadth of both SAP as well as other IT and Business Knowledge to take his career ahead.

Persistence (an important attribute) of entrepreneurs help them to overcome such temporary obstacles. This also happened here.

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