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How To Start A SAP Career ?

Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow Question-4 - How should Entrepreneurs kick-start a SAP Career ?

Gray Arrow In case enrepreneurs already have a running business organization and have already invested their resources in learning SAP, the best approach would be to go out and start implementing SAP Learnings knowledge in their own business organization and then leverage the experience elsewhere to similar organizations.

Gray Arrow In case entrepreneurs do not want to spend money on a SAP Certification, then they should perhaps start documenting their business specific domain knowledge steadily and systematically.

Documentation is very important as it enables structuring of one's thoughts & experiences. It also creates a formal process for sharing of knowledge.

Instead of first jumping to SAP directly, they could perhaps start working with some other ERP solutions.

Once they have worked on the same, then they could switch to SAP.

SAP could perhaps be a destination, not a starting point.

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