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How is SAP Functional Expertise obtained ?

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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SAP Functional Expertise is usually obtained through a rich quality of experience with IT-Mature Process Driven Organizations in any specific functional area.

Let me illustrate with an analogy of an ERP System to that of a growing plant or tree.

A plant needs seeds and water for it's nourishment and growth.

However it grows from the soil at it's foundation.

Any ERP Module is like a seed.

The water and other nutrients in the soil are the 'appropriate Business Knowledge' that makes it grow and deliver fruits or vegetables or flowers as per the different seeds.

The plant is a fully functional ERP Module after implementation.

It delivers business results to it's customers just as a plant or a tree grows flowers, fruits or vegetables.

Many people wanting to get into SAP Functional Careers, try to project their complete experience as that with quality processes and heavy IT systems usage.

That is not so and will obviously not help.

One needs to be honest with one's capabilities & actual achievements.

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