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Important Factors to be considered for

A SAP Career Switch - Quality of Experience

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Gray Arrow Quality of Experience - SAP Consultancies prefer People with a Projects Background rather than a Functional User Background.

SAP Success depends entirely on it's implementation team of business and technical experts and is measured by the achievement of project milestones.

Also ensure that your Multiple Years Experiences is Non-Duplicate. e.g. 10 years unique experience, not 1 years experience multiplied 10 times, as it happens many times.

Obviously, you have to demonstrate that your experience builds upon earlier ones, not hovering around the same organizational base or boss. Fresh Repeatable Learnings are crucial.

Also, since all SAP Careers involve change management, your experience must demonstrate successful inter-personal skills and people management.

In case you are shifting to a SAP Career to another organization within the same industry as your previous organization, then you are at an edge.

Since you are presumed to possess industry specific knowledge that makes your past experience more relevant to your current or future employer.

Specific To Generic - The Key to Success also depends on your ability to extract generic learnings from your specific organizational experience and apply the same elsewhere across technical, functional and industry domains.

Remember, that a SAP Course is only the icing of the Career Cake which is your Experience and Expertise.

Make sure that your Knowledge is not wasted but 'Invested' fully at this stage of your career. It has to benefit the quality of the SAP implementation in your organization.

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