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How Important are SAP Technical Skills
for a Functional Career ?

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Down Arrow Importance of SAP Technical Skills for a Functional Career

Gray Arrow Remember, SAP R/3 is a complicated piece of software.

So make sure that your Technical skills are sound.

Look at the ERP Careers pyramid.

Functional Careers do depend on Technical Skills.

One cannot be a strong functional expert without a quality foundation in Systems and programming.

ERP Modules implement Business Workings in a particular Functional Area.

At the end of the day, any Module is

based on a piece of Technology at it's foundation.

In SAP R/3, the technology internal to it's modules is implemented via ABAP/4 which is SAP's Core Programming Language integrated to it's Development Environment called as the Development Workbench.

If you can acquire SAP Technical Skills, go ahead and do it.

They will always help, not hurt.

Like the driver who has to depend on a mechanic when the car breaks down,

many times functional people feel helpless having to depend on technical people to achieve the desired results.

It may also help to initially concentrate on SAP technical skills now and focus on a functional career at a later stage once the technical foundation has become strong.

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