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The ERP Career Pyramid

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek Career Consulting Insights

Down Arrow The 'ERP Career Pyramid' is an easy visual for understanding the order and importance of the different types of ERP careers.

ERP Career Paths can be visualised As a Pyramid.

Gray Arrow Technical Careers at the Bottom as a Foundation. As a Starting Point.

Gray Arrow Functional Careers at the Next Layer above the Technical Careers.

Gray Arrow Industry/Business Specialist Careers At The Peak.

What is 'Technical' ?

Knowledge has 6 dimensions - What, Why, When, How, Where, and Who.

The ERP Career Kaytek Pyramid

Up Arrow You May Click On the Areas Above to explore further.

The 'computerisation' software part - how software works internally - the Know
-How dimension, represents the 'Technical' Knowledge.

What is 'Functional' ?

The functionality working part of what is getting computerised e.g. in the case of an Accounts Module of an ERP Software ; the Accounts Books, Vouchers, Ledgers and what it does for the user - the Know-What dimension is 'Functional' knowledge.

As One Moves Up the Pyramid, Business and Functional Knowledge usually become more important, Technical Knowledge Less so.

However, there are also examples of Excellent Technologists who have created Their Industry / Business Specialist Domain Expertise on a strong platform of their Technical Skills.

Also, Inter-Personal Communication, Team-Work, Presentation Skills, The Ability To Sell One's Ideas are more important Up the Career Pyramid Hierarchy.

Since the Pyramid ultimately rests on a Base of Technical Skills supplemented by Functional Skills in the Middle, these skillsets obviously have strategic importance.

All ERP Careers sucessfully lie within the above Pyramid.

Gray Arrow Related - Technology as the foundation for Knowledge.


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