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SAP Specific Front-End User Interface

Presentation Layer Knowledge

Technical Careers in SAP

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Down Arrow SAP Software Skills - Design and Development

There are three internal logical layers present in every software - User Interface Front End Layer, Storage Back End Layer & the Middle Layer between these two layers. Programming for each of these layers requires distinctive skillsets and learning curves.

Down Arrow Knowledge Of SAP Presentation - Front-End Layers would involve the following technologies :

Gray Arrow SAP Programming Language ABAP/4 - Development Workbench Components such as Screen / Menu Painters, Object Browser, etc.

Gray Arrow Desirable Knowledge of User Interfaces and Visual Controls.

Gray Arrow Generic Template-Based Event-Driven programming and Coding in any Language with PEM ( Properties, Events, Methods ) Programming Constructs (like Visual Basic ) or / and following the MVC (Model, View, Controller) Programming Frameworks such as Smalltalk or Ruby.

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