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Important Factors to be considered for

A SAP Career Switch - Networking Ability

Benefit From Gray Arrow Kaytek SAP Career Consulting Insights

Your first priority should always be to improve the quality of the SAP implementation within your organization.

Networking - Activate your contacts and network as much as you can with your existing company's customers, suppliers and other employees so that your future career options do not remain just within your one organization.

Tap specialized electronic forums within your industry and try to learn as well share your knowledge with others.

Slowly create your own distinct online identity and a personal brand so that people within the industry know you.

Start networking with academic institutions to help share your valuable knowledge that you possess via teaching, mentoring opportunities for their students.

They will welcome the same.

As someone rightly put it, our Network determines our Networth.

Also, the scope of SAP ERP Solutions are no longer restricted to just within an organization.

The increasing co-operation and collaboration between organizations for electronically connecting their business processes in real time across the globe requires that SAP solutions span different (supplier, partner, customer & other) organizations in multiple geographies.

Hence, networking becomes extremely important with one's peers in one's industry to share valuable experiences and also learn best practices.

This is more so in the case of people who are SAP Certified but do not have any SAP Related experiences and jobs.

In their case, they have to go and meet companies who are using or implementing SAP and request for an internship with them to get that valuable real life experience.

Professional Social Networking Sites are also a useful media to make one's professional contacts and pick up insider information as well as learn and interact with experienced SAP professionals.

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