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A SAP Career Switch - Start Slow, But Steady

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Gray Arrow Start Small - " The Journey of A Thousand Miles begins with the first step " is an Old Chinese saying.

Start small, but in sure and steady steps on the SAP (and any) route.

There is an old story of a person with a cart full of tomatoes wanting to go to the village as quickly as possible.

"In case you go fast, it will take 3 days", he was advised by someone.

"In case you go slow, you will reach in 1 day.

As there are less chances of your tomatoes falling on the ground since the roads are so bumpy."

The SAP Route is sometimes a bumpy one.

Perhaps, reading a good SAP Book (See here) would be a starting point to understand the software.

There are SAP Official Guides which could be a good starting point to knowing more of SAP.

Finish it first, understand the same before spending a couple of Lakhs or a few thousand dollars on Training and a Certification and finding out that SAP is not one's cup of tea.

Online, of course you may also get more information via Smart Googling.

Another suggestion would be to first start using SAP as a User.

Once you have understood the same from a "User's Perspective" and mastered the Functional Aspects, then look at investing the Money and Time for the same.

Fast changing Technological Developments sometimes push even industry leaders like SAP on the defensive.

The first CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software As A Service (SAAS) solution was not by SAP but by Salesforce. SAP has just launched their On Demand Software Solutions much later than many others in the field.

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