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The New Organization - Capital Types

Intangible - Human Capital

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Management Consulting Perspective

Down Arrow Human Capital further consists of Knowledge Capital and Relationship Capital.

Gray Arrow Knowledge Capital represents the Value of the Knowledge Assets in the collective minds of the individuals associated with the enterprise. This could be in various forms - Documented or Undocumented, Digitized or UnDigitized, Single-Point or Distributed and so on.

Gray Arrow Relationship Capital represents the intensity and quality of the inter-personal relationships between the different individuals and teams of the enterprise. Both within and outside the organization.

The Organizational Capital - Intangible Assets - Human Capital Knowledge Capital Brand Capital Relationship Capital - A Kaytek Viewpoint

Kaytek Individual and Team Relationship Capital within and Outside the organization

In the different Markets and Communities of Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Regulators, Owners (Shareholders) and others.

Gray Arrow Continous Intangible Human Asset / Capital Changes.

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Gray Arrow Brand Capital is a Type of Knowledge Capital - Knowledge of Organizational Assets and Behaviours in the minds of the different communities - Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Regulators, Owners (Shareholders) and others and Relationship Capital ( The Emotional Attachments or otherwise of the different communities with the Organizational Assets and past and current Behaviours of the organizational individuals and teams ).

The Types of Human Capital - Knowledge Capital and Relationship Capital are difficult to measure and value. Difficult, but not impossible.

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