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Some ERP Software Thoughts, Insights & Tips

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Instead of making the full ERP Investment upfront as a Capital Expenditure , negotiate with your ERP Vendor for subscription type usage-based transaction-linked fees or better still business outcome based fees.

This Ensures that as your ERP system usage increases gradually, your investments increase correspondingly in proportion.

Your ERP Vendor will obviously not like your staggered payment terms, but atleast you ensure that your returns are in line with the financial investments and risks.

In view of the current Enterprise software market dynamics, the chosen vendors could be able to offer the same.

This would help stagger the IT expenditure in a phased manner as well as minimize risks due to fast changes in both Information Technology & Customer Revenue Markets.

If the Large ERP Companies are able to reshape their mid-Range ERP Solution Strategies for markets such as India and China, there is no reason to believe that they will not be unsuccessful.

Since China and India are forecast to be the world's factory and world's back-office in the next decade, in my humble opinion, the smart ERP companies (whether large or small) will attempt to build market share first here.

SSA Global's CEO in Mumbai in November 2003 promised just that, along with plunging ERP prices.

In fact in our viewpoint, smart ERP users in India and China will be able to extract the best possible prices from their ERP vendors.

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Gray Arrow Microsoft-Specific ERP Section.

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Down Arrow ERP Education Helps

Learning more about ERP does not need a huge money budget but a time committment discipline coupled with a passion for knowledge.

The better educated you are, the greater probability of a successful software (or any ) project.

And you need not be discouraged. There is always a first time to get started.

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Down Arrow Can SAP Production System Landscapes move offshore ?

It is visualised that in the future, SAP Production System Landscapes will start beginning to move offshore as is being promised by many large Offshore Vendors as part of their 'Global Delivery Model'.

In such a scenario, the Onshore / Offshore distance debate may not really matter especially in the SAP world.

Also, with the rise of on-demand Computing and Software As A Service (SAAS) environments, it does not really matter as to where your SAP IT resources are located, as long as you are assured of service reliability, integrity & data confidentiality.

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