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Authorised or Unauthorised SAP Education ?

Where should I get my SAP Training ?

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Down Arrow Question-2 : Where can I get SAP Training in India ?

In case you are interested in official SAP Training in India, Siemens, Genovate & Bharat Petroleum (External Links) are the authorised SAP Training Partners.

(Kaytek is NOT affiliated to any of the above companies.)

There are many unauthorised SAP Training institutes in India. Kaytek is not qualified to comment on the differences between SAP and non-SAP Authorised Institutes.

Make sure that your SAP Training Organization is recognized, if not by SAP, atleast by the IT Industry.

Ensure that the SAP faculty has sufficient experience in actual complete life cycle implementations of SAP and can communicate his or her knowledge effectively.

Since SAP is a global career option, it is important that all qualifications are recognized worldwide.

Some eager SAP career aspirants are willing to learn SAP from unauthorised institutes just to get a hang or feel of SAP before spending almost 10 times more on an authorised course.

Deciding between an authorised SAP training program versus a non authorised one is really an individual's own decision as well as his or her training budget and confidence in being able to derive value out of the program.

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