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Inspite of SAP Training, I have not yet got

the right break.
What do I do ?

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Down Arrow Question-4 : I have done SAP Training from a SAP Authorised Training Institute, but I have not yet got a SAP break.

What do I do ?

Many SAP Career Aspirants break their heads trying to get a decent SAP Break.

Once you finish your course, in case you are planning to pursue opportunities outside your organization, you should start getting in touch with prospective SAP recruiters.

Else in case you are planning to continue with your existing organization, look out for SAP related opportunities.

Under both circumstances, you need to convince your future employers as to how you would marry your rich experience with the SAP knowledge that you have gained to benefit them in the immediate future.

A lot of people - mainly software freshers have wasted time and money following a SAP Authorized Training pipedream without any assured success.

However for many of them, it becomes a classic 'Chicken or Egg first' Type of a problem.

No (relevant) job without (relevant) experience.

No (relevant) experience without (relevant) job.

There are also people with experience who have done SAP courses but are not able to get proper SAP related jobs after doing the same.

In most cases the person's experience prior to doing the SAP course does not match the credentials required for a post SAP job opportunity.

Finding this correct match is crucial, both for the first break and subsequent career acceleration.

It is very important to be able to match your pre-SAP experience and skillsets with those required for a SAP Career.

In case you have done a SAP authorised course and have not yet got the right break, just work on your skills and resume more harder.

Have an outsider professionally review your resume.

Ask someone whom you trust personally and professionally to take a hard critical look at your work.

Try and meet people in organizations who are implementing SAP, network with Recruiters more aggressively.

Convince them as to how by recruiting you, you will be able to deliver value of atleast 3 times the amount of money your future employer will spend on you.

Lastly, do not give up hope.

If you are serious & steadfast in your SAP pursuit, you will be rewarded eventually as ERP Opportunities are growing rapidly globally.

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