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" Which SAP for my Organization ? "

Different SAP for different markets.

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Down Arrow Which SAP is right for me ?

Many of us think of SAP as an ERP company with only one software product - SAP R/3.

SAP has different Software Suites aimed at different market segments - Small Business Organizatons, Mid-Market Companies, Large Corporate Enterprises and Vertical Segments.

Down Arrow Small Businesses

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Business-One ( B1 )

mySAP Business One (mySAP B1) is SAP's Completely New Business Management Software (more than just Accounting Functionality - as per SAP) being specifically designed and developed for the Small Business Organizations from 5 to 200 Employees.

It has got Built-In CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) Module along with Service Management and Document Workflow (Ability to Move Documents from One User/Activity To Another) Capabilities as part of it's Core Offerings.

It is scheduled for launch in India by 2005.

SAP has mentioned 3-4 weeks as possible Implementation Times for the same in an organization.

Being a Brand-New Software Product (with a complete new Source Code Base, not related to SAP R/3 in any fashion), in our professional opinion; it would take some time to mature and settle down in the market.

In certain markets as per our information, SAP has also offered the same free to select customers.

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Down Arrow Mid-Market Organizations

Gray Arrow mySAP

mySAP ERP Software Suite consists Of :

Down Arrow R/3 ERP Software with it's different Standard Core Modules as shown below :

Gray Arrow FI/CO Module - FInancial / COntrolling for the Money related Accounting and Finance Functions.

Gray Arrow MM Module - Materials Management for the Materials Purchasing, Inventory Functional Activities.

Gray Arrow HR Module - Human Resources for People ( Men/Women ) Planning, Payroll, Administration and Management Functions.

Gray Arrow SD Module - Sales Distribution for Activities relating to Customers and Markets .

Gray Arrow PP & PM Modules - Production Planning and Plant Maintenance for the Manufacturing Function.


Gray Arrow SAP - Netweaver - Integration Technology to exchange data and collaborate with other Non-SAP Software Applications being used within and outside the organization.

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Down Arrow Large Corporates

Down Arrow mySAP
Business Suite (BS)

For Large Global Organizations operating in multiple geographic locations, this Software Suite consists of the following components :

Gray Arrow mySAP ERP with different modules - FI/CO, MM, HR, SD, PP, etc and Netweaver as shown in the left column.

In addition, it has the following software modules :

Gray Arrow mySAP CRM - Customer Relationship Management.

Gray Arrow mySAP SCM - Supply Chain Management.

Gray Arrow mySAP PLM - Product Life-Cycle Management.

Gray Arrow mySAP SRM - Supplier Relationship Management.


Gray Arrow X-Apps - Specific Business Solutions for a particular functionality developed using Netweaver by SAP or other 3rd-Party Vendors.

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SAP also has Industry-Specific (IS Series), Geography-Specific (eg. India-Specific Payroll) and Cross-Industry (Specialised Function) Components and Solutions.

Can we help you select the right SAP Suite ? Email Us.

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Down Arrow Specific Vertical Segments

Gray Arrow mySAP
All-In-One ( AIO )

Vertical Segments are Markets that are Defined as Industry or Business Sectors of Organizations that specialize in Offerings that could either be

Gray Arrow Specific Products or Range of Similar Products

Gray Arrow Specific Services or Range of Similar Services and/or

Gray Arrow Specific Geographies of similar nature.

mySAP All-In-One ( mySAP AIO ) are SAP Qualified Micro Vertical Solutions developed by SAP Partners around the mySAP R/3 ERP Software.

These SAP Partners have demonstrated implementation expertise and knowledge of a particular Industry Segment.

As per SAP, these are Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope Services. Limited Customisation is possible per Customer Organization with a dedicated Team and a focussed Approach.
In these solutions, the choice of the specific SAP Business Partner becomes quite critical since they would be front-ending the SAP implementation for the customer.

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Above Suites may be further identified by Specific Release ( Rel.) and Version ( Ver. ) Numbers.

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