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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why Indian Entrepreneurs need professional mentoring and consulting

India is currently at the epicenter of the global knowledge economy.

Indian entrepreneurs across all sectors are experiencing the waves of globalization. Also, they are in a unique situation where even though the customer markets are expanding, the talent markets are shrinking. India based Multinationals with their superior Human Resource practices are already becoming the first choice for employees.

There are 3 reasons as to why Indian entrepreneurs need professional mentoring now, more than ever before :

First, Employee Continuity cannot be taken for granted. Organizational manpower pools will witness huge churns, so backup teams cannot be easily created by entrepreneurs.

Second, the breakdown of the joint and extended family system. Team Entrepreneurships as a strategy will have to be executed across professionals, not necessarily family members.

Third, the imperative need to have continuous ego-less learning across all levels of the organization.

Are entrepreneurs ready to dump their ego and learn how to learn ?


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