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Is Your Organization A Leaky Boat ?

A Leaky Boat In A Stormy Sea

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A Leaky Boat in a Stormy Sea

The above article was earlier written as a weblog on the first Monday of the month - A Day when for many of us, work related pressures and stresses are at it's peak.

On this mean Monday morning (I hate the first Mondays of the month) our own leaky boats need some urgent attention.

Our organizations.

Our own leaky boats.

Business Times are perhaps uncertain.

Even if things seem steady, unknown Loch Ness Monsters (from unknown global destinations) are rearing their ugly heads and long tails, promising to rock and topple our little boats.

Invisible Icebergs lurk beneath.

Possible pin-point leaks could become huge hideous holes.

It is raining incessantly. The seas are choppy and swarming with sharks (with jagged jaws wide open.)

All of us on the boat are neither safe nor secure.

Some of us are jumping into the sea or are getting pushed (perhaps, politely) off.

Do we know how to swim ?

Do we have life-jackets ?

(Who cares ?)

Safe shores are far away.

The sea is rough.

Out there offshore, perhaps there are known unknowns and unknown knowns. (with apologies to someone.)

Our boat captains are clueless as to what to do.

Should the leaks be plugged ?

If so, where do we start ?

Should we wait for the storm to subside ?

Should our boats change course ?

How do we become the Technology-Tarzans to save our Titanics ?

What do we do ?

Jack ?

What do we do ?

Shoot the Hostage !

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Updated on 27th March 2009
Posted on 18th February 2005

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