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If anything can go Offshore, it will.

Perhaps, Murphy's law extended Offshore !

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Perhaps, Murphy's law extended Offshore.

All of us have heard of and experienced Murphy's law.

" If things can go wrong, they will."

Murphy's laws has spawned countless extensions and variants.

We have all experienced Murphy's laws countless times in our careers.

In fact, experienced software project managers always know for sure that Murphy's law always works at critical stages of a software project.

When always at critical moments, things go wrong.

Can Murphy's law be extended to Offshoring ?

Perhaps it can be restated as ....

" If there is anything that can get offsourced or offshored, it will."

No, I am not arrogant to call it as 'Mahesh's Offshore law'.

Or Am I ?

There are some people who express a viewpoint that only jobs that need a physical human interface locally cannot be ever offshored or offsourced.

Murphy's laws also works on Offshoring.

Oh !

I Forgot !

Murphy's laws also applies to Mahesh's Law.

Now, that is not being arrogant. But realistic.

When things can go wrong in offshoring or offsourcing, they will.

But you can recover from your mistake cheaper than a similar one onshore.

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Posted on 24th February 2005

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