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Safe (??), Inside a Prison

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Safe (??), Inside a Prison

Isn't a Prison supposed to be Safe ?

In my series of (Hopefully) Safe (Job, Company, Country) Articles during the last few days, I forgot to mention about Prisons.

Remember the "Furry Slippers" article ? Call-Center people working from home.

Here comes some more.

Perhaps, Innovative Ideas. (Or Not ??)

A prison in the US has found a way to beat the So-Called Offshoring Challenge and keep some jobs back home.

So has a Canadian one, which had started this way back, then discontinued it and is planning to restart all over again.

An advertisement was placed in Call Center Magazine by UNICOR / Federal Prison Industries exhorting Call-Center Work to remain in the US.

Can Prisons perhaps be the Safe Harbours against Offsourcing ?

The potential is Huge.

So, are the possible consequences.


Or can Prisons itself be Offshored ?


Tihar Jail, at the center of Jail Reforms in India, may want to explore the idea.

Hey, Not now.

Even, this prison is not safe.

Also, Tempers are too hot.

It really is a hot summer.

And, It will even get hotter.

Perhaps, as hot as a prison cell.

Or maybe even hotter.

Just like the Offshoring Debate.

It has been recently reported in the press that Singapore's Changi Prison does offer Outsourced Services performed by it's Inmates for many local Singapore based business organizations.

And Malaysia's Johar Baru Prison Management offers a one night stay package for tourists who would like to experience the rigors of prison life.

Complete with a solitary cell, prison food but no pillow to sleep upon.

Talk of Interesting Prison Experiences !!

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Updated on 26th March 2009
Posted on 24th February 2005

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