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US Airline JETBLUE's CEO on

How to Save American Businesses ...

"Furry Slippers..... Are you a Weirdo ?"

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

"Furry Slippers....". Are you a Weirdo ?

No I am not.

And neither is this American Business Icon who has been quoted saying this.

David Neeleman - CEO of the Profitable US-Based discount airline JetBlue was asked by Esquire Magazine (December 2002 Issue) as to the one thing that could save the rest of the American Business.

I quote.

"Furry Slippers. When I talk with customers, they ask me, " How do you find such nice call center people to take reservations ? "I tell them. " Furry Slippers.

They love their jobs because they're in their furry slippers working from home. There are so many people sitting in call centers who could be working from home. For us, it's a home job....

You can't pay $ 50,000 to people who work on reservations, customer support and help lines. But you can change their environment. You get better people !

They're happier. They are taking better care of your customers. You can make more money doing it. And they just don't get it..."

Because at the end of the day, Perspective shifts can be as earth-shattering as seismic shifts.

Some people will get it, some will not.

No matter what.

It is always about employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

Like a perfectly balanced weighing scale, they lustily leverage each other.

For those American organizations who are perhaps looking at Offsourcing seriously in the near future, it is still an early stage of the innings in the game.

All of us are at different stages of the learning curve.

And Yes, it is a long term sustainable business model inspite of a few early failures.

(When we learnt to walk as kids, did we not stumble and fall and get up ?)

Even prior to offshoring or outsourcing, the success rate of IT projects within the US was quite poor.

Either in terms of Visualized Specifications To Actual Features Delivered comparison or in terms of Budgeted Versus Actual Costs.

(Can I sense some sheepish glances exchanged ?)

So, even if there are some offshoring failures down the road as some have predicted, my guess is that because many times a lower price sets lower expectations, people are willing to play along.

And yes, a lower dollar expense need not always be a prescription for Tylenols.

My earlier article spoke of my company not being able to compete against the US $ 18 per month quote. Believe me , that guy who quoted $ 18 per month is NOT doing a bad job.

(Even though he happens to be my competitor).

Whether we like it or hate it, the world has changed.

(In fact I hate it) since you do not know from which part of the globe your competition is going to creep in from stealthily.

But, we have to be eternal idealistic (maybe innovative) optimists.

Perhaps like Noah, as he sailed forth bravely in his Ark.

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Updated on 27th March 2009
Posted on 12th February 2005

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