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A Year Of Blogging, Fast Forwarded

Benefit From Gray Arrow A Kaytek Offsourcing Consulting Perspective

This was the last Offshoring weblog in a series published on a global technology knowledge sharing website in 2004.

A Year Of Blogging - Fast Forwarded.

All good things (atleast for me) must come to an end.

This is the last weblog in this series.

In early 2004, when I started this weblog, the medium was new, Offsourcing was beginning to get into the mainstream media and I sincerely felt that an alternative perspective could be provided from India which could not only inform but also hopefully educate an enjoyable manner.

India was perhaps not the hero in the outsourcing game, but definitely not the villain also as it was or is perceived by some.

There is an old Jewish saying

" When two people meet, something good always happens. "

I met many of you electronically, interacting via your comments and feedback, both caustic and cool.

I enjoyed the same.

I think you did, too.

Where does Offshore Outsourcing go from here ?

From the US Perspective, I think the year 2005 will be the Tipping Point.

The conclusion of the US Presidential Elections will perhaps shift the focus from the current 'fury' of Outsourcing to the hard 'figures and facts', which point only in one direction.

Gray Arrow Gray Arrow East.

Whether the East is India, China, Russia or maybe Africa, does it really matter ?

Summing up the Peanut Butter Globalization Example, in my viewpoint the real big issue that individuals and organizations have to really tackle is :

Gray Arrow As digitization of work activities increases with globalization, a complete different set of global economic, management and cultural issues need to be understood and tackled.

This Mindset Movement is really the Big Challenge for all of us.

Are We Really Ready ?

Maybe sometime in the future, we shall meet again.

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Updated on 27th March 2009
Posted on 24th February 2005

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