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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Diwali Message from India - Knowledge Is Wealth.

As per the Hindu religion, Goddess Saraswati gives Knowledge and Learning.

Today 1st November 2005, on Diwali, this auspicious Indian Hindu Festival of Lights, Goddess Laxmi who is the Giver of Wealth comes to our homes and workplaces.

In a CNBC TV-18 television show on 'Intellectual Property Rights (IPR's) in India's Knowledge Economy', I overhead a snippet of a conversation Of Dr Mashelkar of CSIR (Center of Scientific and Industrial Research ) in India.

He was saying that we have to figure out how to convert Knowledge to Wealth and have to successfully replicate thousands of Saraswati to Laxmi conversions all over India.

Last night on NDTV's debate as to whether the IT Boom in Bangalore was dead, the CEO of Phillips Software was mentioning that IT Industry had created more than three hundred thousand direct jobs in Bangalore besides another six hundred thousand more indirect jobs.

Indeed, India's IT industry has shown that for India, Saraswati (Goddess of
Knowledge) is truly Laxmi (Goddess of wealth).

Knowledge is Wealth.

Perhaps, India's Diwali message for the world.


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