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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Beginning of the end of Google ?

Someone posted a weblog suggesting that Google's problems have just begun.

My take on the same is as follows :

Google's global brand dominance cannot be easily replicated.

Also, it has become the Universal 'Assistant' for all sorts of daily search related tasks for billions of people.

Plus it's proposed extensions into multiple language search. (Useful in countries like India with more than 25 + Official languages).

The trend towards Advertising-Revenue driven Software-As-A-Service business models has Google at the forefront. Others are just beginning to copy the same.

Plus you have a huge mobile-using population that has not even seen a PC (like in India and China) and Google's services towards the same.

Google will extend their dominance from PC's to other devices (including mobiles) using simplicity as their driving strategic metaphor.

PS : Because Kaytek has a Google Adsense based website, there could be some possible bias in my viewpoints.


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