Shoot the Hostage or maybe, Dump the Baby...

Shockingly violent as the above suggestion may sound to meek squeamish souls, sometimes the most effective solutions are really outlandish ideas.

In the movie 'Speed', when the cop hero 'Jack' (Keanu Reeves) is told by his captured hostage friend to shoot him, which he actually does, the kidnaper villain is taken by surprise.

(Awe and Shock here). So even though his friend gets a shot on his leg, perhaps a bigger crisis is averted.

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The forces of business change pressurize us to continuously adopt sometimes crazy, Out-Of-The-Box thinking innovative strategies to survive and succeed.

I was amused to read last year that even Church Mass Services from Europe and other countries are being offsourced to India.

These 'Dollar Mass' services as they are called are apparently very popular in South India.

Maybe, God does listen to Indians more Since HE has possibly many more incarnations here. (:-)

One man really who listened to the Great Almighty was Noah.

Remember my reference to him and his Ark earlier ?

The guy who prompted the 'Leaky Boat' article.

What was one the smart thing that Noah did ?

No. He did not set to sail to India.

(Silly, that was Christopher Columbus, who did so and discovered the US instead).

What Noah did was take with him one unique pair of each animal so that a new world could be created fresh.

Maybe, we could adopt Noah's strategies in the Software Arena Today.

Kaytek Software Seesaw using the Internet. Smart Users at One End and Smart Developers in the Other End. Knowledge furiously moving across both directions.

Maybe we could have pairs of smarties working with each other.

Bill Gates (my son has got sick of hearing me talk about him) says that to design effective software, you need a smart set of teams.

Smart software techies at one end.

Also smart users at the other end.

Both with extreme passion, working with (Maybe swearing at) each other.

One ideating, the other implementing.

Called As Extreme Programming.

One requesting rapid (hopefully rugged) requirements.

The other creating classy code.(Pun Intended).

(Hopefully very very rugged.)

Like a smart software seesaw.

Up, down.

Down, up......

Using the internet for knowledge transfer.

Let us see how the biggest company in the world has actually done that in an even more smarter fashion.