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IT as an Ubiquitous Utility Service

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Down Arrow IT as an Ubiquitous Utility like Electricity ?

IT is getting delivered via pipes into our homes, offices and locations, just like air, water, electricity, gas, telephone, video & other utility services.

However, we do not use IT like how we use electricity.

A Five Star hotel uses electricity in it's lobby to light up a 1000 Bulb chandelier.

Similar to how a large global organization uses, say SAP or other large complex ERP software packages.

You and I may have less elaborate lighting in our work places, offices or homes.

Perhaps even a single light
bulb may suffice.

Down Arrow My Well Connected Home or Work place with Ubiquitous Utilities like Air, Water, Electricity and IT via the Internet.

My always connected place via the Internet Pipe

Electricity gets delivered via the cable to either power up a chandelier or a single light bulb.

Similarly, in IT, the Internet Pipe delivers us the facility.

In addition, IT also gives us the option of delivering in a wireless mode (on either your Blackberry or Cellphone or other devices.)

How you use it within our organization (either as a 1000 bulb chandelier or a single bulb) is upto us. Truly an enduring challenge !

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Posted on 15th May 2006
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