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Leverage Knowledge And Technology
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Leverage Knowledge And Technology

17th July 2004.

Planet's Pervasive Pipe.

Gray Arrow Water, Gas, Electricity, Phone and Air are essential Utility services in our daily lives.

Each of the above utilities have conduits that bring them inside our home, office, factory or workplace.

The Water and Gas Pipes.

The Electric Wires. (Maybe Wireless Electricity in the Future ??)

The Phone Wires. (Or Wireless.)

Windows Or Air Conditioners for Fresh Cool Air.

Increasingly, the Invisible Interconnected Internet Pervasive Pipe has engulfed us In our personal and professional lives.

Via our Computers as the Conduits.

A Pipe that informs, entertains, making us more knowledgeable while keeping us connected. Maybe at negligible costs.

Thanks to the Internet, our Minds have become globally wired.

For organizations, the Pipe is a Giant Sourcing Enabler for the Flow of Goods and Services.

Does the Pipe hurt or help ?

It can either be a source of fresh air with pure oxygen, purifying our breaths.

Or it can unleash a Huge OutBurst that can flood our lives drowning us in it's vast and deep knowledge depths.

Both Useful and Useless. (Bill Gates calls Email Spam as Pollution of the Internet Ecosystem ).

The Internet Pipe is Bloating, Bursting, Becoming Bigger and Bigger. Better and Better.

Leaving us as Individuals or our organizations with really no choice.

To embrace it fully for our survival. And Growth.

Swimming Either by Shallow-Surface-Skimming on it's waters.

Or, Deep-Diving into it's detailed depths.

The 'Do or Die' Motto's Net Avatar is 'Surf or Cry'.

As somebody said, " If Knowledge is Expensive, have you tried Ignorance ? "

Net, Net, No tears shed here for Ignorance on the Net.

Mahesh Khatri.

Disclaimer : These are my viewpoints, my organization may or may not endorse them partly or fully. All trademarks and service marks acknowledged globally. External Links checked for existence at the time of posting.

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Leverage Knowledge And Technology

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Leverage Knowledge And Technology
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Leverage Knowledge And Technology
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Leverage Knowledge And Technology
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Posted on 17th July 2004
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