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Switching to SAP from an Engineering Background

Technical and Functional Careers in SAP

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Engineers have a natural advantage in SAP Careers as they have been trained in understanding and breaking up complex systems via logical thinking in a step by step manner.

Some prefer to call SAP an over-engineered system, maybe an implementor's nightmare.

Everything that you can think of possibly doing in SAP, can be done.

The only challenge is effectively understanding it's module functionality, configurational complexity and the implementational ramifications of any configuration decision.

Both SAP Functional and Technical Careers are attractive for engineers with the right skillsets.

For functional SAP Careers, the disadvantage that Engineers may have could be the lack of commerical business functional domain knowledge.

Engineers with Production experience should look at SAP MM (Materials Management) module, rather than SAP PP (Production Planning) or SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) modules.

Because SAP is such a tightly integrated system, it assumes knowledge of all inter-related parts and functionalities from multiple dimensions.

For Technical Careers, Engineers from a manufacturing background with deep technical knowledge in their domain of expertise may find that at least from a technical & design perspective, SAP is an engineer's dream.

Engineers who may also be operationally proficient in CAD / CAM / CAE software can also look at SAP Technical Careers, besides Functional Careers.

There are opportunities in CAD / CAM / CAE and ERP / SAP Modules Integration in most engineering organizations.

These demand technical skillsets both at the CAD /CAM / CAE end and the ERP end (e.g. Oracle Manufacturing , SAP Modules - PDM, PLM, etc).

Gray Arrow Switching To SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Career from a Non-SAP PDM (Product Data Management) Background.

Gray Arrow CAD, PDM and ERP Software Integration - Some suggestions.

Down Arrow SAP Careers for Engineers from different disciplines ( Replies to Queries in Kaytek ERP Yahoo Group).

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Gray Arrow SAP for Engineers with Sales and Marketing Background.

Gray Arrow SAP Square Separator ABAP/4 Square Separator PM / MM Square Separator Training & Careers for Engineers.

 Down Arrow Scope of ERP v/s PDM v/s PLM

PDM (Product Data Management) as the name suggests is about 'Product Data'.

This Data could be engineering drawing data - hence CAD systems or this data could be other product attributes data - hence ERP software databases.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) as the name suggests is about managing the complete life of the product instance from birth to death in a uniform standard manner to all users of the enterprise and the extended enterprise.

PLM is focussed on only one M - the Materials of an ERP solution and within it the 'Product'. Hence, it is a specialisation or a sub-set of ERP.

Also, as regards the difference between a PLM and PLCS (Product Life Cycle Support), 'Support' is only one type of activity within the broader work area of Product Lifecycle Management.

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