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Systems Mindset Required for SAP

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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We are not sure as to whether Sales and Marketing people can move to SAP easily due to the huge systems and software technology learning curves and difficult mindset movements (methodical step by step process oriented thinking) required.

The experience of many sales people who after doing a SAP SD

(Sales & Distribution) course have not been able to get SAP relevant jobs proves our point.

SAP R/3 needs an aptitude for software; a logical step by step thought process and a 'Systems' Mindset which many Sales and Marketing People find it difficult to adapt easily.

If you have used any Marketing, Sales Management Software, Contacts Management Software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software etc, that would help as a starting step since it means you have had exposure to some systems as a user.

However, it may not be a sufficient condition to get into SAP.

To get moving, you could use a Web Based ASP - Application Service Provider Service such as Salesforce (External Link) as a starting point.

Remember that SAP 'Systems Usage' is very different than SAP 'Systems Development' for which there is a good demand currently in SAP Technical and Functional Consulting roles.

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