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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

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Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Down Arrow Already Done a SAP Course ?

Gray Arrow In case you have already invested in a SAP Training but have not got the right break, try leveraging the same with any IT company who is providing IT ERP Services in the Business Development or Pre-Sales Marketing Role.

Also, based on your past sales experience in various verticals, you may wish to leverage your network of contacts and approach them with your newly gained knowledge in doing a pilot study for them.

That will help you atleast make a small beginning in the SAP Area.

What we suggest to people is to have a solid foundation to their careers.

Remember the old story of the 3 little pigs taught to us during our kindergarten days ?

We all need to build our software & ERP careers with houses of stone, not figs.

So that they can be enduring.

This page may also help.

In case you are still interested to pursue a career in SAP, you may want to start slow.

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