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As an Existing SAP User,

Can your Organization sponsor your SAP Training ?

Functional Careers in SAP - A Perspective

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Gray Arrow In case your company is an authorised user of SAP, perhaps they can sponsor you for the exam and certification.

It would help if you were a part of the SAP Core Functional Team in your organization.

It would demonstrate a degree of responsibility and an ability to work in a team.

Both of these are good signs for your future SAP Consulting Career.

An integrated holistic approach to understanding SAP's various modules also is useful.

SAP is a complex enterprise software that stitches together the functioning of all the different areas of an organization's daily operations.

A SAP project implementation team needs people with multi disciplinary skillsets.

For example, if you are a SAP PP (Production Planning) Module Functional User and want to learn the SAP MM (Materials Management) Module, then you may start from the Integration points of PP with MM as a beginning point.

Also as a PP end user, you must be familiar with it's limitations and constraints within the specific operations of your organization's SAP implementation environment.

Start by looking at ways and means to overcome those PP limitations to help it's users work around the problems.

These small steps will demonstrate your committment to helping your organization get the most value out of it's SAP investment.

Having seen your sincerity, your organization would then be perhaps more willing to sponsor you for the authorized SAP training.

Your demonstrated committment and experience in the project will be the stepping stone for further responsibilities.

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