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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

ERP Resources for Mid-Level Executives

ERP without Jargon and Jitters !

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There is a severe shortage of mid-level managers and executives within the software industry.

ERP is one of the strong growth areas of the software industry.

If you have strong technical skills or excellent people skills and are willing to work towards getting them, you could perhaps look at ERP careers seriously.

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Gray Arrow In case you have strong domain knowledge of a particular industry segment within a specific geography, you may consider Switching to a SAP functional career.

Gray Arrow Switching to SAP From a Peoplesoft ERP Background.

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Engineering Professionals.

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Gray Arrow Check Out Our Remote Mentoring Program (Beta) for India Based Experienced Functional Mid-Level Professionals seeking to shift to an Information Technology Career.

Gray Arrow Tip - Do you have contacts within your industry segment in organizations who are implementing SAP solutions ?

Gray Arrow Tip - You should have the ability to map your past experiences in an ERP functional Career for your future employer.

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Gray Arrow Software Project Manager's Sandwitch.

Gray Arrow Will ERP Systems and Intelligent Knowledge Repositories spell the Death of Plain Vanilla MBA's ?


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