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" How Knowledge Gaps Multiply Mistakes "

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10th May 2004.

Many Minor Mistakes Minimise Margins.

Yesterday, Sunday Morning, Gray Arrow...

...Gray Arrow I got a Gujarati Newspaper instead of my usual English one.

I have nothing against a Gujarati Newspaper.

However, I would prefer not to start learning to read Gujarati on a Sunday morning.

Since the newspaper had been delivered early morning, by the time the mistake was identified, it was too late.

The regular newspaper vendor who supplies to me is located pretty far from my house.

I walked up to another newspaper vendor nearby and purchased my usual paper.

Later in the afternoon, after finishing some work at office (Sigh ! Sunday Work also), I drove to my regular newspaper vendor's stall location.

Since this was the 3rd time in 3 months that such a mistake (Knowledge Gaps at his end ??) had been made, I wanted to go there personally and express my displeasure.

Unfortunately, being a Sunday, he also had shut shop early. I did not know that. (A Knowledge Gap at my end ??)

While driving back home, a minor mishap occurred.

I was waiting at the Red Light of a Traffic Signal.

A Sudden Thud !

My Car's Rear Bumper was Hit !

The Nervous looking Youngster sitting on the wheels of the car behind me immediately raised his arm apologetically.

By the time I could get out of the car and examine the damage, the Traffic Light turned Green and he sped away.

Fortunately, the damage was not too much. A Visible Crack and a Small Dent.

I was telling myself that this mishap had started with the minor mistake of the wrong newspaper being delivered to me.

Had the wrong paper not been delivered, perhaps I would not have driven to the newspaper vendor and my car would not have been hit !

Knowledge Gaps Multiply Mistakes.

Like Mountains from Molehills.

All Organisations are linked to each other in complex Supply-Chains between their Customers, themselves and their suppliers.

In these everyday Supply-Chain Business Operations with our Suppliers, Customers, many such mistakes are made.

By us.

Or by others.

The effects of these mistakes, though minor, multiply merrily. Many Minor Mistakes Minimise Money Margins.

How do we minimize these mistakes?

Meaningful Monitoring & Money Measurement of these mistakes is perhaps the key to understanding and improving operational efficiencies in our businesses and organizations.

Perhaps, Understanding Activity-Based-Costing ( External Link ) or even Six-Sigma ( External Link ) could be good starting points !

Besides Common Sense and Good Luck, of course !!

Mahesh Khatri.

Disclaimer : These are my viewpoints, my organization may or may not endorse them partly or fully. All trademarks and service marks acknowledged globally. External Links checked for existence at the time of posting.

Your Valued Opinion Matters !

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Posted on 10th May 2004
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