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- Mumbai ( Bombay ), India.

Kaytek Website - What's New ? Upto December 2018

Gray Arrow New ! Kaytek Easy AI (Artificial Intelligence) Landing Page.

Down Arrow Cloud Computing

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director enhances Wavemaker Tutorial.( 13th January 2012)

Gray Arrow Kaytek implements two Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offerings - S3 (Simple Storage Service) & SNS (Simple Notification Service) for our cloud projects.( 13th January 2012)

Gray Arrow Kaytek deploys a Customer Invoice Tracking & Follow-Up System using Google's PAAS (Platform As A Service ) Cloud Solution - Google App Engine. ( 3rd June 2010)

Gray Arrow Our Cloud Computing Experiences & Perspectives.

Gray Arrow Factors for choosing Public or Private Clouds Square Separator A Perspective On Interoperability Within Microsoft Cloud Services. ( 16th April 2010)

Down Arrow Business - Software

Gray Arrow Microsoft Tech Ed 2010 Top Architect Contest - Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri once again selected as One Of Top Software Architects in India. ( 9th April 2010)

Gray Arrow Kaytek Director Mr. Mahesh Khatri is 1st runner-up at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2009 Top Software Architect Contest in May 2009 at Hyderabad. The solution involved Microsoft's Cloud Computing - Windows Azure OS & Services Platform. (16th May 2009)

Gray Arrow Web Purchase & Sales Ordering & Invoicing Software (Beta) based on ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS (APEX) & RDBMS.( 30th October 2008)

Down Arrow Kaytek Computing Solutions

Amazon Kindle Versus Apple Ipad (1st Feb 2010)

Gray Arrow Income Tax Refund Systems Hacked. (30th January 2010).

Gray Arrow How Google was hacked in China - Microsoft Security Advisory. (20th January 2010).

Hot Hardware Hits - At Value prices - Amazon Kindle (5th Jan 2010) Square Separator Updated ! Laptops. (13th November 2010).

Gray Arrow Cloud Computing & Cyber Security Steps in our Hardware Section. (18th December 2008).

Down Arrow Software - ERP

Gray Arrow Is ERP Dead ? (25th January 2010).

Gray Arrow Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform. (25th November 2008 )

Gray Arrow ERP has to move to the Cloud ! (13th October 2008 )

Gray Arrow ERP Sandwitched Between Cloud Computing & Mobile Devices ? (6th June 2008 )

Updated ! Gray Arrow SAP Product, Careers, Certification Pages. (17th January 2008 )

Down Arrow Software Experiences

Gray Arrow Our Software Experiences With A Global Container Line Operator. (22nd October 2010)

Gray Arrow Kaytek selected as one of the finalists in Microsoft Web Excellence Awards. (11th May 2010)

Kaytek was one of the finalists in The Web Excellence Challenge organized by Microsoft in association with The Webby Awards in India in May 2010

Updated ! Gray Arrow Web Strategy & Development Services. (22nd January 2010)

Down Arrow Business - Consulting / Management / Mentoring

Updated ! Gray Arrow Cost To Company (CTC) Calculator. (13th November 2010)

Gray Arrow Challenges Before Marketing Communication Entrepreneurs in - Our Mentoring Section. (3rd February 2009 )

Gray Arrow Indian Railways Versus Airlines - Ecosystem Efficiencies - Our Management Section. (1st March 2008 )

Down Arrow Business - Investments

Gray Arrow Best Performing / Top Close-Ended & Open-Ended Mutual Funds based on Highest Returns in Financial Year 2012 - 2013. (13th August 2013 )

Down Arrow Suggestions & thoughts for Private Equity Partners / Venture Capital Managers on possible strategies for their portfolio companies.( 26th February 2009)

Gray Arrow Best Performing / Top Close-Ended & Open-Ended Mutual Funds based on Highest Returns in Calendar Year 2009. (21st January 2010 )

Gray Arrow Micro Education More Important Than Microfinance. Square Separator Personal Investment Strategies For 2009. (6th January 2009 )

Gray Arrow Mobile Device Based Knowledge Repositories for Microfinance Sector. (31st October 2008 )

Down Arrow Business - Taxes - India

Gray Arrow Problem in e-Filing of Corporate Income Tax Return by Sep 30th ? (1st October 2010 )

Gray Arrow Increasing Efficiency & Productivity of Tax Processes for Individuals & Organizations. (24th October 2008)

Gray Arrow FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) changes as per Union Budget 2008. (On 1st March 2008).

Down Arrow Kaytek / Website - Overall

Updated ! Gray Arrow Website Legal & Privacy Policy Page. (8th April 2009 / 28th February 2008 )

Down Arrow Business - Legal

Gray Arrow Correspondance with Managing Committee of Co-operative Society on Annual Accounts. (24th February 2009)

Down Arrow Software - Enterprise Architecture

Gray Arrow Importance. (7th April 2009) Square Separator Open Source or Closed Source Integration Options. (15th November 2008 )

Down Arrow Software - Accounting

Gray Arrow FBT Support Services for ERP Integration. (13th December 2008 )

Down Arrow Business - Retail

Gray Arrow Strategic Mistakes made by Retailers in India in A Periodic (Random) Snapshot of India's Retail Markets ! (6th November 2008).

Down Arrow MBA / IT Careers / Opportunities

Gray Arrow Guidance for MBA Students - How to handle Recruitment Slowdown ? ( 2nd February 2009)

Gray Arrow Kaytek's Informal Structured Knowledge Transfer & Learning Sessions. ( 8th November 2008)

Down Arrow Grow With KTEK-GROW !

Gray Arrow New ! Grow With KTEK-GROW - 2 Day Part Time Work Opportunity.

Hardware Engineers For Kaytek in Mumbai - KTEK-GROW - Job Posting-54. (Posted On 13th January 2012). (Closed)

Administration Incharge for Education Institute at Khar, Mumbai - KTEK-GROW - Job Posting-53. (Closed On 13th January 2012)

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