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(Upto October 2004)

KTEK-GROW, Software Perspectives Sections Updated ! (Posted On 2nd October 2004).

Hardware Section updated !! (Posted On 31st August 2004).

Knowledge, Technology, Management, Education Experiences and Perspectives Sections updated !! (Posted On 19th August 2004).

ERP Section Reorganized !!

KTEK-GROW! Short-Term Freelancing Opportunity - Posting 17 VB/VBA & Foxpro/Clipper Programming Skills in Mumbai(Bombay) ! (Posted On 16th August 2004).

Media Mention - Kaytek Project Case Study published ! (Posted on 16th August 2004)

Offshoring - Shareholders Vs Employees - Jack-N-Jill ? (Posted on 14th August 2004)

Organizational Capital Types - Visual ! (Posted on 12th August 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Short-Term Freelancing Opportunity - Posting 16 VB/SQL-Server Programming Skills in Mumbai(Bombay) ! (Posted On 5th August 2004).

Web, Strategy, Marketing Consulting Pages Updated !! (Posted on 31st July 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Short-Term Freelancing Opportunity - Posting 15 ORACLE DBA Skills in Mumbai(Bombay) ! (Posted On 24th July 2004).

Kaytek's Abstract Generic Thoughts Visual ! (Posted on 24th July 2004)

Visual on IT Project's ROI Estimation. (Posted on 24th July 2004)

Offshoring Section Updated ! (Posted on 22nd July 2004)

Web Portals - Critical Issues to Consider.
(Posted on 22nd July 2004).

3 Step Process for an ERP Project's ROI Estimation. Also, a media article on the same. (Posted on 22nd July 2004)

Musings - 17th July 04 - Planet's Pervasive Pipe... (Posted on 17th July 2004)

Can we help you Bridge The Gap ? (Posted on 17th July 2004)

What is Outsourcing, Offshoring and OffSourcing? (Posted on 13th July 2004)

BPO, ERP, Offshoring Sections Updated ! (Posted on 9th July 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Short-Term Freelancing Opportunity -
Posting 14 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Domain - Legacy C Language Progamming Skills in Taloja, Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) ! (Posted On 9th July 2004).

Software, Web Perspectives Added, ERP, Hardware Updated ! (Posted on 6th July 2004)

Our ERP, Hardware Sections Updated ! (Posted on 5th July 2004)

KTEK-GROW Section, Management, Offshoring, Perspectives Updated ! (Posted on 3rd July 2004)

What lies beyond ERP ? - A Kaytek Visual Viewpoint (Posted On 1st July 2004).

KTEK-GROW! Opportunity Posting 13 Resident Hardware Engineer - Taloja, Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) ! (Posted On 1st July 2004).

Offshoring Perspectives Exchange Rates Page Added ! (Posted on 28th June 2004)

Knowledge Perspectives Page Added ! (Posted on 28th June 2004)

Education, Management, Offshoring, Technology, Web Perspectives Updated ! (Posted on 28th June 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Opportunity Posting 12 Tax Laws Web Portal Developer - Mumbai ! (Posted On 28th June 2004).

The ONION-NET Layers - A Kaytek Visual Viewpoint (Posted on 26th June 2004)

Name, Leverage, Knowledge, Technology Pages updated ! (Posted on 25th June 2004)

The New Organization - A Kaytek Visual Viewpoint (Posted on 23rd June 2004)

ERP and KTECH-KIT Sections Updated !! (On 23rd June 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Opportunity Posting 11 Short-Term Free-Lancing Microsoft MS-Access Programming Opportunity in Mumbai ! (Posted On 22nd June 2004).

The Big Winner is English ! (Posted on 19th June 2004)

Musings - 19th June 04 - Egoless Execution... (Posted on 19th June 2004)

Internship, Awards Pages Updated. (Posted on 16th June 2004)

New ! Kaytek IT-ASAP helps you List your IT Assets - Sale And Purchase Requirements ASAP (As Soon As Possible) (Posted on 14th June 2004)

The Process-Pyramid - A Kaytek Viewpoint (Posted on 14th June 2004)

Our Offshoring and ERP Sections Updated !! (Posted on 12th June 2004)

Musings - 11th June 04 - Ready To Move ... (Posted on 11th June 2004)

Simple Visual aded to Generic IT Thoughts Page !! (Posted on 11th June 2004)

ERP, KTEK-GROW, Internship Pages Updated !! (Posted on 9th June 2004)

Our Website Starting Page validated for W3C - World Wide Web Consortium HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language Compatibility Standards. (Posted on 9th June 2004)

Musings - 25th May 04 - Thursday The Thirteenth's... (Posted on 25th May 2004)

Offshoring - Business Imperatives... (Posted on 15th May 2004)

Musings - 13th May 04 - Regular Rains... (Posted on 13th May 2004)

New ! Management Perspectives! (Posted on 11th May 2004)

Musings - 10th May 04 - Many Minor Mistakes...

Musings Page.

Mr. Mahesh Khatri's Media Quote " How much do you invest annually in Training and Certification ?" in Indian IT Trade Magazine DQ CHANNELS INDIA.
(Posted on 10th May 2004).

KTECH-KIT - Kaytek's Information Technology (IT) - Kit - IT Community - News & Views (Posted on 6th May 2004)

Musings - 4th May 04 - Giant's Omnipresence......

New ! Offshoring - A Starting Step... (Posted on 4th May 2004)

New ! Musings - 1st May 04 - Saturday Slumber...

Offshoring Viewpoints Section Reorganized ! (Posted on 1st May 2004)

A To Z of Offshoring...Pitfalls.

Office Petty Cash Management Module Write-Up.

Manufacturing - Discrete Page Updated ! (Posted on 30th April 2004)

Awards won by us !

Our Vision and Mission !

Offshoring - Shareholders Vs Employees - 2 EPS or SPE ? A Viewpoint (Posted on 29th April 2004)

Our Airlines Project Write-Ups. (Posted on 29th April 2004)

Our BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Work. (On 28th April 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Opportunity Posting - EAI - Tibco Skills for Europe and South America ! (Posting 10). (On 27th April 2004).

Site Map to Our Website. (On 24th April 2004)

A To Z of Offshoring - A Viewpoint. (Posted on 22nd April 2004)

KTEK-GROW! Opportunity Posting - Short-Term FreeLancing Opportunity - Senior Database Designer . (Posting 9). (On 22nd April 2004).

Kaytek Director's Experiences In Education. (On 21st April 2004).

Additional Categories added on Consulting Page. (On 19th April 2004).

Kaytek/Director's Viewpoints Mentioned in the Media. (On 19th April 2004).

Mr. Atul Khatri's Media Quote " Select Vendors with Ethical Practices" in Indian IT Trade Magazine DQ CHANNELS INDIA
(Posted on 15th April 2004).

OffShore has to be Managed. (Posted on 14th April 2004).

Offshoring - Shareholders Vs Employees - 1 - Humpty Dumpty ? (Posted on 14th April 2004).

" I am Excited About the Web. Are You ? "

Kaytek Viewpoint - Software Project's Pervasive Percentages.

KTEK-GROW! Job Posting - AUTOCAD Operator Required for Engineering Drawings (Posting 8).

Kaytek Viewpoint - Resume Preparation & Enhancement Tips.

KTEK-GROW! Job Posting - Mumbai Mutual Fund Organization - EDP Persons Required in their IT Department (Posting 7).

Kaytek Viewpoint - IT Training - Problems & Challenges.

Possible Project Internship Opportunities for Students.

Brief Note on ESA Software Methodology used by Kaytek.

Directions to reach our Mumbai - Andheri(East) Offices.

Kaytek Viewpoint - 'I' Factors Affecting Education

Brief ERP Customer Study Documents.

Kaytek Viewpoint - Can We Help Bridge The Gap ?

Kaytek Work Beliefs.

Brief Overview of our ERP Consulting Services.

IT - Industry - Future Vision - Expert Viewpoints - Dr. Raj Reddy, Vinod Khosla, Ian Pearson.

Kaytek Note on Possible Software Project Strategies.

Overview of some of our Generic IT Thought Areas.

Thoughts on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software.

Our Consulting Services for A Retail Outlet.

Article on Kaytek " Selling Trust To Customers" - Magazine DQ CHANNELS INDIA

Brief Viewpoints on Technology Convergence.

Mr. Mahesh Khatri's Published Viewpoints.

Web www.kaytek.co.in

Kaytek - Leverage Knowledge And Technology

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