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4th May 2004.

Giant's Omnipresence Over the GLobE.

GOOGLE !!! Gray Arrow...

...Gray Arrow All the smart Readers must have noticed that the Underlined Alphabets in the title above read GOOGLE !!! .

(Oops, I Forgot. All Readers on this page are smart !)

It was in the news last week.

Seeking to raise public capital for the first time ever in it's history.

The Omnipresent Global Giant that is redefining organizational work behaviour all over the world.

How ?

Consider this simple fact.

I read somewhere that a typical executive spends only 5 % of his work time actually taking decisions.

The rest 95 % of the time is spent either On Seeking Information from Others Or Providing Information to Others.

As the Globe's Omnipresent Search Supremo, GOOGLE is focussed entirely on this 95 % Productivity Problem. ( Pithole ?? )

For many organizations and professionals, smart Googling has become a way of life.

On 1st April 2004 , Google also announced their entry into the Email Market. Many people though it was an April Fool Joke.

Specially when they mentioned providing over 1 GB ( 1000 MB) (Now, 2 GB ) of email space for each user. Smart Move !

Last year, Google was rated as one of the most valuable Brands in the World.

Without spending a single cent or dime or paise on Advertising.

Proving the fact that a unique service or good quality content on the Net needs no heavy duty advertising or marketing promotion. It sucks in readers on it's own strengths. Word Of Mouse as someone put it ....

Google's success also epitomes the single most important fact that the Internet teaches us.

Focus only on that one thing globally that you are good at. (In Google's case, their Search Technologies.)

Forget about everything else.

As the MIT Media Laboratory's Weblog Tracking Site - Blogdex aptly puts it -

"Do One thing and Do it right".

Taking a cue from the above principle, also underlines the importance of Outsourcing/Offshoring or Offsourcing as I call it.

Where the Key Word is Focus.

For those of you interested in knowing more, perhaps this article on Offsourcing may be of help.

Try to send me your feedback if you have time. I would surely appreciate it.

Another Google Innovation ?

Seeking to raise capital from Investors directly.

Bypassing Wall Street completely.

Exactly simliar to how it has helped Producers and Consumers globally bypass meddling middle layers who perhaps seek to Maximise Middle Men Shylocking with Minimum Value Add.

Perhaps GOOGLE could also be an acronym for Great Organization Offering Global Linkages Effectively !

Mahesh Khatri.

Disclaimer : These are my viewpoints, my organization may or may not endorse them partly or fully. All trademarks and service marks acknowledged globally. External Links checked for existence at the time of posting.

Your Valued Opinion Matters !

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Posted on 4th May 2004
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