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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The 3 ERP Career Paths...Updated !

The 3 ERP Career Paths (Technical, Functional and Industry/Business Specific) Updated on our website !

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Microsoft's 3-4-5 Strategy to ride the waves of the rough changing 'Technology Seas' ?

Bill Gates has mentioned about a 'Sea Change', a massive coming disruption in the global Technology Landscape.

I had earlier written about Microsoft's 3-4-5 Strategy to integrate their ERP and other Office Productivity applications.

It envisages 3 elements of Microsoft's customer Model, 4 Customer wants and 5 horizontal attribute requirements.

Can some other competitor beat them in their 3-4-5 Strategy and ride the rough waves of the Technology Sea Change ?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

When will Indian sweepers use ERP powered, Mobile Delivered solutions ?

When will Indian sweepers use ERP powered, Mobile Delivered solutions effectively ?

Last week at NASSCOM's Mobile Application Seminar in Mumbai, Mr. Pradip Baijal Chairman of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) mentioned about how in South Korea he had seen a sweeper in a five star hotel use her mobile phone to check stock market prices.

Today on my way to office, I saw an autorickshaw driver recharge his mobile
phone by paying Rs 200 (Approximate 4.45 USD) for an effective talk time of
Rs 50 (Approximate USD 1.11). His only query was to how long he could keep receiving free incoming calls.

India's mobile revolution is truly sweeping India's ABCD population.

ABCD is an acronym used by one of the speakers at the above seminar. It stands for Aaya, Bai, Chowkidar / Carpenter , Driver.

(Aaya, Bai, Chowkidar mean Maid, Servant, Security Guard respectively in Hindi).

Truly, dropping mobile rates have made accessibility for Indians more and more affordable and creeping in as a lifestyle even at lower economic levels.

The time is for high-end ERP powered solutions to be made mobile aware so that even in India, the road side municipal sweepers and rag-pickers can perhaps check stock prices from their mobile phones. As in South Korea.

Imagine the huge impact it would have on India's service sector productivity.

ERP solutions have to be scaled up to deliver extremely high volume mobile
device interface driven queries and transactions from Millions of India's
mobile users.

That is the next Big challenge for ERP Vendors and ERP Implementation