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Monday, June 26, 2006

Business needs 'Resultants', not 'Consultants'.

In the original RTE - Real Time Enterprise Paper written by Vinod Khosla, (the eminent Venture Capitalist); he makes a point that what business organizations need from IT are not 'Consultants' but 'Resultants'.

People who can deliver results.

Not just consult.

Also, he has re-affirmed my earlier independent viewpoint of calling ERP by a new name.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Does your organization need a Root Canal Surgery Today ?

Last Saturday 17th June 2005, at SAP's Business One (B1) Partner Meet in Mumbai, Richard Duffy, Head of SAP B1 in Asia Pacific compared an ERP implementation to a painful root canal surgery.

Earlier, the head of SSA (earlier Baan) (now under Infor) had spoken of an ERP implmentation as a Brain Surgery.

Make your choice.

Does your organization need a Root Canal Surgery ?

Or would it prefer a Brain Surgery ?

Why do ERP implementations need to be so painful ?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ERP's 3 Simple Business Objectives

General Electric's (GE) CEO - Mr. Jeffrey R. Immelt in his visit to India last week said that his goal for GE in India was to make more money.

Taking a cue from his statement, how does an organization make more money ?


By doing one of these 3 things :

First, By Raising Revenues.

Second, By Cutting Costs.

Third, By Satisfying Stakeholders (Owners, Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Regulators and the rest of the communities.)

These 3 simple tasks are really also the business objectives that an ERP system should seek to achieve.

Some more thoughts for C-Level Executives on using ERP systems for achieving the above business objectives.