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Thursday, December 29, 2005

ERP Software Project Manager's Sandwitch !

At times, ERP Project Managers find themselves in what I call a Software Project Sandwitch.

They are sandwitched on one hand between their end user customers who are perhaps ignorant of the technical aspects of software and on the other hand by their technical people who are quick to point out problems in the requirements given by the business users.

To avoid the project from turning into a disaster, these Pervasive Percentages might just be the answer !

Friday, December 09, 2005

You have to climb up the Systems Staircase.

I get many queries from both fresh and experienced software engineers & other graduates who immediately want to jump into the ERP area. Just like
many graduates who want to join MBA B-schools straight from their
graduate college without having atleast a few years of real world

My advice to them is to have a look at the Systems Staircase.

ERP Systems are at much higher levels as compared to the other
systems at the lower levels in terms of business scope and technical complexity.

You cannot jump intermediate steps.

You have to climb the Systems Staircase, step by step; slowly but surely.

At every level.

Learning the lessons assimilated at lower levels and then only move upwards.

There are no shortcuts.

Also, many young engineers express dismay at having to work with
manual non-automated systems.

Remember, this is WALMART's secret.

Making all their software engineers work on existing WALMART systems
(automated or manual) as end-users before getting them to start
designing new systems.

To get a valuable end-user perspective of the operations.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are ERP Consultants Delivering Enough Value To Organizations ?

Most organizations who are implementing ERP find it quite difficult to understand the true ROI (Return On Investment) figures.

For the people who are working on the ERP implementation, their knowledge returns are guaranteed.

But what about the organization ?

Does it get enough value for the high salary ERP consultants ?

As an ERP Consultant, are you delivering enough value to your organization on a daily basis ?

Do you know your Cost To Company (CTC) on an Hourly Basis ?

To find out, click here.